Knowing Us

Who We Are

Since 2013 Globa has been providing a prestige professional transportation service.  

We are an experienced team that utilise your time efficiently with an affordable privately driven transport service. Giving you the distinct advantage of getting to your destination without the stress.

As a convenient way to easily beat Sydney's relentless traffic congestion that is littered with speed traps, a tidal wave of Bicyclists and Motorcycle riders, Buses, big Trucks, crazy hard to find Parking or super expensive parking plus the numerous challenges the streets of Sydney present, Globa's speciality is manoeuvring you to your destination as effortlessly as possible on-time.

Globa passengers are astute and insist on conducting business with organisations that understand their needs with the ability to communicate easily with a reliable ease of use service in-line with excellent service standards.

By offering a super easy and convenient, for business or personal use method of transportation, people depend on Globa for its reliable door-to-door personalised service. You're picked up when and where you want and driven anywhere you want, safely and in-comfort.  

Globa's fleet of vehicles are all commercially registered, fully licensed and insured.  Approved and authorised by NSW Roads and Maritime to drive in Sydney's bus lanes and with special airport access areas the general public do not have access too. 

All Globa drivers are local and highly knowledgeable of Sydney and surrounding Metropolitan streets. Drivers are commercially accredited licensed that adapt to your individual journey needs. More than just drivers that also assist with luggage, accommodate for Infant Capsules, Child Toddler seats, Children Booster seats, the Elderly, Surfboards, Ski's, Bikes, etc. amongst a host of Globa passenger needs. 

At Globa, your time and privacy is respected. We give you flexibility, freedom and peace of mind of getting to your destination on-time. We slice through traffic, eliminate queues, we eliminate the search and the cost for parking, we remove the risk of getting a fine or damaging your car in a car park.

Globa passengers are treated with an effortless payment policy  - A Simple Fixed Flat Fee (No Hidden Fees, No Surge Pricing or Time Based Metered Fees). You know upfront how much your transfer is before your pickup with payment options to suit your payment of choice preference.

The Globa Transportation Service Offerings Include:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Corporate Business VIP Travel 
  • Conference Event Transfers
  • Cruise Ship Transfers
  • Leisure / Social Functions
  • Personal Use with Door-to-Door 'As Directed' as Needed for unique transfers.

                                                  Reach Out and Get in Touch - This is Where the Journey Begins!